Digital Marketing

Admission Hub

Toronto, ON


  • Figma
  • Canva
  • Instagram
  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp


  • May - Aug 2022
  • 3 Months


Admission Hub (ADM) is a company that provides Study Abroad immigration services to India, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, Europe, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The Taiwan department hired me as a digital marketer, and during the four months of my internship, I accomplished the following:

  • Utilized Figma to create digital graphics for the website and Instagram, resulting in a collective growth of 500+ social followers and increased engagement by 21% in 3 months.
  • Developed copywriting and optimized WordPress websites for improved SEO performance, leading to an 18% increase in organic traffic.
  • Leveraged MailChimp to design and execute successful email campaigns, resulting in increased brand recognition and engagement.

Social Media Posts

I used Figma and Canva to create digital posts for Instagram and web blog covers, which increased user engagement by 21% in three months. In order to attract and educate users in Taiwan about Canadian culture, I produced blog posts not only about brand services, but also about Canadian holidays. Moreover, I posted some interesting life/culture facts or special places to visit in Toronto or Vancouver in an effort to help users who had just arrived in Canada for study abroad or working holiday adapt more quickly.


The designs were crafted in a traditional Taiwanese style, characterized by a detailed design layout rather than minimalism. To enhance brand recognition, I incorporated the colors red, blue, and white—resembling the Taiwanese national flag—into my color selections, emphasizing the brand logo's color scheme. This approach aims to leave a lasting impression on users, making the brand more memorable.

Brand Poster

I independently created the copy and used Figma to design a customized brand poster for email campaigns targeting Taiwanese universities. The primary objective of this initiative was to enhance brand visibility and effectively promote our services.

To maintain a well-organized layout, I applied the Z-pattern layout to arrange the content of the poster. Furthermore, I incorporated contrasting colors and shapes to emphasize vital information regarding our services. Additionally, I enlarged the font size for frequently asked questions from new customers, ensuring easy access to pertinent answers.

Selected Works

Moi | Mock InterviewUX research, User interview, Persona, Experiencing mapping, User story, Task flow, Sketching, Wireframe, User testing, Branding, Accessibility, UI library, High-fidelity prototype

AtlasNovaUX flow, Wireframe, Branding, High fidelity Prototype, UI mockup, Design system

Craigslist RedesignHeuristic Evaluation

Electronic Arts | HackathonProject management, Cross-functional collaboration

Orchestral Charity for SeniorsHTML, CSS, Javascript

Momi Co., Ltd TaiwanSocial Media Coordinating

Admission HubDigital Marketing

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