Hi there, this is Angela!

I am a Taiwanese/Canadian UI/UX designer with over 2 years of experience in digital marketing field.
Before transitioning to user experience, I engaged in a diverse range of multimedia work, including social media management, graphic design, video editing, and the development of marketing assets.
With a marketing background, I am passionate about leveraging visual design solutions to support business marketing objectives and enhance the overall user experience. As a visual designer, I'm a creative learner with a strong sense of visual aesthetics, always eager to explore and craft innovative designs.
Outside of UX, I have a deep passion for music and enjoy playing the flute! Beyond work, you can often find me enjoying a cup of hot tea while capturing captivating photos of nature :)
Feel free to reach out and chat with me about my projects!

These are my resumes for UX Design and Marketing.

What makes me a versatile designer?

🌟 Proficiency in Front-End Development: My skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript empower me to bring user interfaces to life, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Check out SOC Project↗ I developed.

🎨 Digital Marketing Background: I'm not limited to UX/UI design! I extend my expertise to crafting persuasive design solutions for digital marketing. From creating visually engaging graphic assets to developing content that drives user engagement and conversions, I leverage my UX design skills to deliver compelling marketing experiences.


Below are some creative projects I engage in to challenge my creative boundaries.
Printed Menu Graphic Design
Social Media Thumbnails
Marketing Graphic Design (Printed Infographic)
Marketing Graphic Design (Flyers, Digital/Printed Posters)
Designed Tote Bag
Cryptocurrency Event Banner
Logo Branding For Nail Salon
Logo Branding For Nail Salon
Logo Branding For Nail Salon
Home Tab Design
Adobe Illustrator Practice #2
Adobe Illustrator Practice #1
Adobe Photoshop Practice #4
Adobe Photoshop Practice #3
Photoshop Daily Practice #1
Settings_Daily UI Challenge #007
User Profile_Daily UI Challenge #006
App Icon_Daily UI Challenge #005
Calorie Calculator_Daily UI Challenge #004
Landing Page_Daily UI Challenge #003
Credit Card Checkout_Daily UI Challenge #002
Sign Up_Daily UI Challenge #001

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